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Customizing a osCommerce Simple Store Template (Vol 1)

osCommerce Template Customization Step by Step eBook Series

osCommerce Version: 2.3.3

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Many online stores on the Internet are very small, and ususlly selling a few products. The default design of osCommerce store is intended for stores of any sizes, from selling a few products to a few hundreds products. For medium and large stores which are selling over a hundered products, they require to categorized their products, for example, Hardware, Softwares, DVD Movies, Cameras, etc… This way the visitors can navigate the products by categories easily.

However, for a small shop that is selling only a few products, this is really not necessary to categorized the products. The best design and solution is to display all products on the homepage. Therefore visitors can see all products on the homepage without navigate through the category one by one to select and buy a product.

Upon completion of this tutorial, all products will be displayed on the homepage, without necessary to navigate through the categories to see a product.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to achieve this result by adding 3 lines of very short, simple and easy-to-understand codes only.

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Here's the Contents of the eBook.

oscommerce ebook contents

osCommerce default template

Template at start

osCommerce simple store template

Finished Template

osCommerce shopping cart template

Finished Template
(Shopping Cart Page)