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osCommerce v2.3.3 What's In My Cart Shopping Cart Sub-page Customization (Part 2)

Let’s continue with Part 1 of osCommerce Shopping Cart Sub-page customization.

The next step is to remove the Inner Table

5. Remove line 76 and line 74. The layout becomes clear now.

osc shopping cart page customization

6. Now, navigate to line 96 – 112. This is the closing part of the Inner Table and Outer Table.

osc shopping cart page customization

7. To delete the Inner Table. Obviously, you need to remove line 101, and also line 100.

Line 105 becomes the </tr> closing row.


8. Delete line 103. The contents of the Shopping Cart ($product_name) will be displayed a bit later, after the <tr> closing row.

All contents of the shopping cart are already linked up after the </tr> closing row (line 105).

It’s time to print out the contents of the shopping cart.

9. Add the following codes after the <tr> table closing row:

echo $products_name;

The shopping_cart.php file should looks like:

osc shopping cart page customization

The “Sub-Total” is still outside the table. You need to move it inside the table too.

osc shopping cart page customization

We will move the “Sub-Total” inside the table in next part. Please read on....