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osCommerce Main Categories and Products Overview

The default osCommerce shop has a total of 20 Categories. Here's the breakdown:

  • The Hardware has 9 categories,
  • The Software has 4 categories, and
  • The DVD Movies has 7 categories.

The number inside the parenthesis next to the Categories are the number of products in that Categories. For example:

  • The Hardware Categories has 6 products
  • The Softwware Categories has 4 products
  • The DVD Movies Categories has 17 products

Therefore the default osCommerce shop has a total of 27 poducts.

The Main Categories of default osCommerce shop is shown as below:

osCommerce Categories box

The categories description are saved under the categories_name field.

The languages of each category description are saved under the language_id, 1 for English, 2 for Deutsch and 3 for Espanol in this online shop.

osCommerce table categories_description

Now we have some basic idea of the structure of osCommerce Main Categories.