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osCommerce Categories Display Code Structure Summary

Let's summarize what we have learned about the file structure of categories display of osCommerce shop. The Body text section of osCommerce homepage will display web contents according to which of the following links visitors are browsing:

  1. Homepage of osCommerce
  2. Parent categories
  3. Sub-categories with products inside
  4. Sub-categories without products inside

osCommerce Homepage Browsing

osCommerce $category_depth and $cPath

The following pictures shows which line of code is executed when browsing Parent Categories, Sub-categories with products and Sub-categories without product.

osCommerce Parent Categories with Sub-categories Inside

osCommerce categories with Products

osCommerce Sub-categories with Products Inside

osCommerce Sub-categories with Products

osCommerce Sub-categories without Products

osCommerce Sub-categories without Products

Now, we learned how the osCommerce categories display system works on the Main Content.