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osCommerce Homepage HEADING_TITLE Display

When visiting the osCommerce site:

  • default homepage,
  • Parent Categories pages (i.e. Hardware, Software and DVD Movies), and
  • Sub-Categories Pages (for example, CD ROM Drives, Graphics Cards, Keyboards, etc...)
we noticed the HEADING_TITLE as shown in the following diagram:

osCommerce Default Homepage HEADING_TITLE

HEADING_TITLE of osCommerce homepage

osCommerce Parent Categories HEADING_TITLE

HEADING_TITLE of osCommerce Parent Categories

osCommerce Sub-Categories HEADING_TITLE

HEADING_TITLE of osCommerce homepage


If we checked the file or code structure osCommerce homepage (catalog/index.php). We find out that the HEADING_TITLE appear 3 times.

  1. Under the $category_depth == 'nested' (i.e. Under Parent Categories)
  2. Under the $category_depth == 'products' (i.e. Under Sub-categories)
  3. Under the $category_depth == 'top' (i.e. Under default osCommerce homepage)

The HEADING_TITLE find in osCommerce homepage is shown in the following picture:



There are three places sharing the HEADING_TITLE. How to change the HEADING_TITLE of default homepage, Categories pages and Sub-categories (or products) pages?

This is a question often ask in osCommerce discussion forum.


If you read our previous osCommerce tutorials of $category_depth, you should answer the question easily. The value of HEADING_TITLE is assigned according to the value of $category_depth.

The HEADING_TITLE is defined in the homepage of language file (e.g. includes/languages/english/index.php).

Here's what we find in includes/languages/english/index.php:

osCommerce HEADING_TITLE define

As you can see that the HEADING_TITLE is defined according to the value of $category_depth.

  • If $category_depth == 'nested' HEADING_TITLE is Categories
  • If $category_depth == 'products' HEADING_TITLE is Let's See What We Have Here
  • Under the $category_depth == 'top' HEADING_TITLE is What's New Here?

Therefore the HEADING_TITLE will shows different title when navigating osCommerce homepage, Parent Categories pages and Sub-categories (Products) pages.