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Step-By-Step osCommerce Lightbox Install Video Tutorials

osCommerce Version: 2.2 RC 2a.

This video tutorials series go through the process of installing Lighbox on osCommerce New products Display and Product Info, step-by-step, from beginning to final Lightbox template effect.

Tutorial 1 - 5 will start with studying the file structure of New Products Module. Then do some basic customization of the New Products Module by re-arranging and re-writing the codes of New products file.

Tutorial 6 - 9 will install Lighbox on both New Products Display and Product Info to the final Lightbox effect. Tutorial 10 will do some styling on Lightbox.

Item No. Description Price  
SBS-LB-TF Complete Package:
1. Video tutorials
2. Final template source files
Total Video Tutorials: 10    Total Duration: 01:15:17
Tutorial Contents Duration
New Products Module Flash Slide Show
1. New Products Module code study (part 1)   osCommerce demo video 00:06:38
2. New Products Module code study (part 2)   osCommerce demo video 00:05:15
3. New Products Module code study (part 3) 00:14:45
4. New Products Module code study (part 4) 00:08:05
5. New Products Module code study (part 5) 00:03:00
6. Create a new Categories and upload new products 00:05:20
7. Re-arrange Lightbox files 00:06:15
8. Install Lightbox on New Products Display 00:14:17
9. Install Lightbox on Product Info 00:05:50
10. Do some styling on Lightbox   osCommerce demo video 00:05:52

Q. What is the file format of the video Tutorials?

A. The tutorials are high resolution MP4 videos formats, zipped in rar format using Windows WinRAR program.

Q. How can I know if my computer can extract or unzipped the tutorial files?

A. We have three zipped sample tutorials available to download. Please download the sample tutorials to see if your computer can extract the files, open and view the tutorials. Please don't complain the video files cannot be opened and ask for refund immediately after the download. The sample tutorials can be download at:

download osCommerce Flash Tutorial eBook

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