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osCommerce Database: Products Table

Products Table

The products table is used to save the products image and products information.

Click on the picture above to see the details.

As indicated before in Category Menu that there are 6 products in the Hardware Category:

  • 4 products in the Software Category, and
  • 17 products in the DVD Movies Category.

Therefore there are a total of 27 products in a default new online shop.

Structure of Products Table

Fields of Products Table

The picture on the left shows the products table structure. There are 13 fields of the products table.

You may noticed that the products table do have have products name, products description, etc.

Some products information are saved in other tables (e.g. products_description table).

Products Status Field in products Table

Products Status Field in products Table

Click on the picture above to see the Products Status in details

The [products_status] field control the stock status of products.

  • [product_status] is 1 if product is available
  • [product_status] is 0 if product is out of stock

This is the end of osCommerce MySQL database products table.

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