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osCommerce New Products Module Web Layout

The osCommerce New Products contents web layout has been discussed in previous tutorial. Let's review the web layout again:

osCommerce file structure and New Products web layout

Therefore the osCommerce New Products contents are composed of two parts:

  • The New Products Heading - with the "New Products For Month" header.
  • The New Products Display

Take a look at the codes which include the New Products Module again:

<td><?php include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_NEW_PRODUCTS); ?></td>

Take a look at the web layout of the New Products Contents again.

  • The New Products Heading is contained in a top table (1 row x 3 columns)
  • The New Products Display is contained in a Inner table (3 rows x 3 columns) which in turn contained in a Bottom table (1 row x 1 column)

Therefore the table and other html codes are not written in the osCommerce homepage. The codes must be written in the New Products Modules or other files.

osCommerce homepage New Products module

In next osCommerce file structure tutorial, we will check how the codes works with the New Products Module.