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osCommerce STS GUI version

osCommerce eBook for Video TutorialsosCommerce STS GUI version is formerly called osCommerce TAS (Template Automation System). Since many visitors always asking is TAS is similar to osCommerce STS, we decide to use a common term used on osCommerce store.

The first thing to do after installing osCommerce shop may be thinking how to customize the original template to your own design. However most osCommerce shop owners just wish to sell their products online as soon as possible after osCommerce installation rather than spending thundreds of hours to study the codes structure of osCommerce. Unless you out source the customization to some osCommerce programmers, this is a pain to most osCommerce shop owners.

Now, with the release of osCommerce Simple Template System (STS) GUI version, osc shop owners can customize their osCommerce shop easily.

osCommerce STS GUI version is a revolutionary idea in customizing osCommerce shop automatically with the click of buttons.. No HTML or PHP knowledge is required. Users of osCommerce STS GUI version do not need to study the code structures of osCommerce shop, search for which PHP files to insert, re-write or delete blocks of PHP codes any more.

How osCommerce STS GUI version Works

We prepared an introductory video tutorial that briefly introduce the interface of osCommerce STS GUI version. The video tutorial also shows how easy STS customize the look and feel of osCommerce shop.

Key Benefits of osCommerce STS GUI version

Easy to Use. No HTML or PHP programming knowledge is required for osCommerce Simple Template System GUI version. And no learning is required too. Just click a few buttons and the osCommerce template will be changed immediately.

No FTP is Required. osCommerce STS GUI version connect directly with your osCommerce hosting server. All customization of osCommerce shop are taken in effect immediately.

Immediate Result. osCommerce STS GUI version has a built in Internet Browser. All customization results of osCommerce shop will be seen immediately.

Quick Customization. It takes only a few minutes to customize osCommerce shop completely different from the original design. Spend more time on promotion and make money, not customization!

Easy to Maintain. Whenever you wish to change the look and feel of osCommerce shop, just click a button.

No Installation is Required. osCommerce Simple Template System GUI version is a green software, i.e. no installation is required.

Create Templates. From Version 2.0, osCommerce STS GUI version allow to save your own osCommerce templates. Users can switch between different osCommerce templates with the click of a button. Moreover users can switch back to osCommerce original template any time they like.

More Features. Try for yourself to explore the features of osCommerce Simple Template System GUI version.

Video Tutorials of osCommerce STS GUI version

Extensive video tutorials show how to use osCommerce STS GUI version to customize the original design of osCommerce to a stunning template in a very short of time.

STS Version Works With osCommerce Video Tutorials
1.0 V2.2 MS 2 osCommerce TAS 1.0 Video Tutorial
2.0 V2.2 RC 2a osCommerce TAS 2.0 Video Tutorial

Download osCommerce STS GUI version

osCommerce Templates Automation System is a freeware.

STS Version osCommerce TAS Windows Platform osCommerce TAS Linux Version osCommerce TAS Mac Platform
1.0 Download osCommerce TAS v1.0 * *
2.0 Download osCommerce TAS v1.0 * *

With effective from March 1, 2010 there will be no more support with the osCommerce STS GUI version.
In the past two years, 99% of the questions asked were how to configure the FTP and MySQL Database. Actually the FTP and MySQL Database login information can be obtained from your hosting company if the osCommerce shop was installed by the hosting.

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