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Study osCommerce Body Web Layout with Dreamweaver

After studying the HTML codes of osCommerce homepage, I noticed that the osCommerce Body section contains the Left Column, Main Content (Body Text) and Right Column. In other words, the Left Column, Body text and Right column form the osCommerce Body section. I also noticed that the osCommerce programmer use the term "Body text" for the Main Content that I often used.

The following osCommerce tutorial video shows how to use Dreamweaver to study the web design and HTML codes of the Body section.

Web Design of osCommerce Body Section

The osCommerce Body section contains in a 1 row, 3 columns outer table. Each column of the outer table has another table that holds the contents of the Left Column, Body text and Right Column.

The osCommerce Body web layout is shown in the picture below:

osCommerce Body layout