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Study osCommerce Right Column Web Layout with Dreamweaver

The HTML structure of osCommerce Left Column is same as the Left Column. It is also an outer table with each row holding the Shopping Cart, Specials, Reviews, Languages and the Currencies.

The following osCommerce tutorial video shows how to use Dreamweaver to study the web design and HTML codes of the Right Column section.

osCommerce Cart Right Column Web design

The osCommerce Left Column is simply a 1 column x 5 rows outer table. Here's the contents of each row:

  • 1st row contains the Shopping Cart
  • 2nd row contains the Specials
  • 3rd row contains the Reviews
  • 4th row contains the Languages
  • 5th row contains the Currencies

Each row also contains two tables:

  • The upper table contains the Box Header, and
  • The lower table contains the contents.

The osCommerce Right Column web layout is shown in the picture below:

osCommerce Right Column layout