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osCommerce Website Layout and Navigate Folders and Files

In order to understand the file structures of osCommerce shop, this is better to start by learning the website layout of osCommerce. This osCommerce tutorial starts from the eyes of an osCommerce beginner.

Web Layout of osCommerce - Preliminary Assumption

After studying the layout of osCommerce website, the folder and file contents of oscommerce installation files, we get the following preliminary bold assumption.

  • The files (web pages) in the catalog directory are the visual pages to visitors, for example, osCommerce homepage, Account Page, Shopping Cart, Check Out Page, New products Page, Specials Page, etc...
  • The osCommerce visual web pages can be divided into 5 sections - Header, Left Column, Right Column, Main Content and Footer.
  • The osCommerce web contents of the Header, Left Column, Right Column and Footer are called from the files (header.php, column_left.php, column_right.php and footer.php) in the catalog/includes directory.
  • The osCommerce contents of the Main Contents are called from the catalog/include/languages/language directory., depending on which languages visitors are selected.
  • Other files inside other folders (e.g. boxes, classes, functions, modules, etc.) should be the ingredient to compose the visual pages of osCommerce shop.

This preliminary assumption simply provide a starting point to study the web layout and file structures of osCommerce shop.

The preliminary assumption of osCommerce web layout is shown in the following diagram:

osCommerce web layout

The preliminary assumption of how osCommerce visual web pages are composed by calling files from different folders is shown in the following diagram:

osCommerce web layout and file structure